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Sheet Membranes technical data sheets


ARDEX specialises in high-quality construction materials for substrate preparation, levelling floors, waterproofing and concrete repair.

WPM 1000

Weldable Waterproofing Membrane is a versatile rubber membrane that can be heat welded. It is suitable for waterproofing underground tanking, rooftops, decks, undertile, canal and pond linings


Undertile Butynol is a rubber sheet membrane system that is used for waterproofing tiled areas such as showers and bathrooms

WPM 150

WPM 150 is an A.P.P. type modified bitumen membrane used in horizontal or vertical applications, also for waterproofing balconies, terraces and roofs

WPM 185

WPM 185is used as a cap layer in exposed membrane systems (allowing light foot traffic for maintenance). Available in slate grey and green.

WPM 188

SBS type modified bitumen membrane. Treated with a preventative chemical to stop roots from plants damaging the membrane.


From the basement to the roof, Sika provides an entire range of products for the repair, protection, construction or sealing of your building. With over 100 years experience in supplying products for construction and industry we are confident that we have the perfect solution, no matter what your requirement


Sarnafil G 410-20L (thickness 2.0 mm) is a multi-layer, synthetic roof waterproofing sheet based on premium-quality polvinyl chloride (PVC) with inlay of glass non-woven


Fully bonded FPO sheet waterproofing membrane system for basements and other below ground structures.


Italiana Membrane, established in 1988, is one of the main producers of waterproofing construction materials in Italy. The company produces bitumen modified waterproofing membranes, APP, SBS and POE, self-adhesive membranes, heat insulation laminated to waterproofing membranes, bitumen shingles and water-based protective liquids.

Deltaelast P (-20c)

Deltaelast P is a high quality SBS (styrene butadiene styrene) polymer bitumen modified membrane. For various roof types, especially those which are subjected to high levels of stress and ideal for use in cold climates


Scudoplast Car is a polyester reinforced elastoplastomeric membrane obtained from distilled asphalt modified with elastomeric and plastomeric polymers.It is reinforced with a special high weight non-woven polyester giving very high mechanical performances.

Scudoelast P (-25c)

Premium SBS polymer bitumen. Can be used for the installation as two-layer foundations waterproofing.

Scudotene Plus P (-15c)

Self-adhesive material for the installation as the bottom layer of roof cladding, for waterproofing of engineering structures.

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