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Negative Tanking technical data sheets


Drizorro are a manufacturer of chemical products for the construction industry, it focuses on supplying specialty mortars designed for waterproofing, concrete repair, flooring and decorative finishes. Drizorro are specialist in negative tanking waterproofing needs.

MaxSeal Flex

Flexible waterproof coating against positive and negative pressure for concrete and masonary.


MaxPlugs a quick-setting cement-based mortar that instantly stops running water from cracks, fissures, holes or other openings in concrete and masonary


ARDEX specialises in high-quality construction materials for substrate preparation, levelling floors, waterproofing and concrete repair.


WPM 300 is a two component water based epoxy polyamide membrane/ barrier coating. WPM300 can be applied to damp surface & provides protection from hydrostatic pressure, rising damp and formation of efflorescence

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