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Liquid Membranes technical data sheets


ARDEX specialises in high-quality construction materials for substrate preparation, levelling floors, waterproofing and concrete repair.

Ardex WPM 155

Water-based polyurethane-acrylic waterproofing membrane developed for high performance under-tile waterproofing

Ardex WPM 002

(Superflex Two Part) is a tough, fast drying two component waterproofing membrane with synthetic microfibers specifically designed for use under tiles.


With Master Builders Solutions, BASF introduces a global brand of advanced chemical solutions for construction. The brand builds on the strengths of many existing BASF brands and products and represents our experience of more than 100 years in the construction industry.

MasterSeal Traffic 2000

Hand and spray-applied UV STABLE and TRAFFICABLE waterproofing products are formulated to stop water leakages and moisture ingression in a variety of new and existing structures.

MasterSeal 615

MasterSeal 615 is a fibre enhanced one component water based polyurethane membrane that has been designed for a range of waterproofing applications where the membrane is to be covered over with tiles, screeds, concrete beds etc

MasterSeal 540

MasterSeal 540 is a Class III two component flexible cementitious waterproof membrane ideal for use under tile. Flexible at -5c.

MasterSeal 950/960/970

Fleece and rubber tape for joints in internal wet areas. For internal wet areas such as showers, bathrooms and kitchens in residential and commercial buildings.


From foundation to fit-out, Bostik is an international leader in integrated building systems for flooring, tiling, plumbing, concrete repair, waterproofing and sealing.

Dampfix GOLD

One part, highly elastic, Class 3, water-based polyurethane waterproofing membrane systems that meets the requirements of AS3740.

Dampfix PU

An elastomeric, solvent based one part polyurethane membrane used for waterproofing applications.


Drizoro is a manufacturer of chemical products for the construction industry, it focuses on supplying specialty mortars designed for waterproofing, concrete repair, flooring and decorative finishes. Drizoro are specialists in negative tanking waterproofing needs.

MaxSeal Flex

Flexible UV Stable waterproof coating against positive and negative pressure for concrete and masonry.


Duram Industries Pty Ltd, a 100% Australian owned company, has manufactured on site a comprehensive range of waterproofing and construction products.

Multithane UV

Multithane UV is a UV resistant tar free, elastomeric, single pack, moisture curing liquid polyurethane, waterproofing membrane which cures to form an elastic, high tensile and seamless membrane.

Azcothane REO

Polyurethane fortified water based waterproofing membrane incorporating micro fibers.


From the basement to the roof, Sika provides an entire range of products for the repair, protection, construction or sealing of your building. With over 100 years experience in supplying products for construction and industry we are confident that we have the perfect solution, no matter what your requirement.


Acrylic based bitumen waterproofing membrane.


Emer-Clad is a highly flexible coating containing additives to inhibit the growth of mould, resist bacterial growth and aggressive elements Resistant to UV light, chloride ion and carbonation attack. Providing an aesthetically pleasing waterproof protective coating and may be applied by brush, roller or airless spray


A high performance water based decorative and protective facade coating. Excellent resistance to UV, weathering, chloride ions and CO²

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