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Concreting equipment technical data sheets


Hoppt Australia brings to the country the full range of Hoppt Construction Equipment from Hoppt Singapore. Hoppt is Singapore's first and only manufacturer of light construction equipment. Founded in 1975 as a mould base manufacturer, and building on the highest industrial standards and precision, Hoppt has expanded to what it is now, a brand that is globally respected and recognized for its reliability and quality.

36' Helicopter - TOL90GB

Incorporates an amazing balance, improve serviceability, choice of wide or narrow frame, providing contractors with the ideal machine for residential and general construction work.

24" Edger - TOL60G

Designed for edge finishing. This trowel eliminates the need for manual work along walls or edges.

Ride-On Trowel Machines

The complete range of ride-on trowels are all you concreting needs

SiteVibe PortaVibes

Portable concrete vibrators are available in 38 and 45mm sizes with the smaller size being suited to concrete blockwork and EPS forms. Hip protector & sholder harness included.


With flexible shaft are built with the improved pendulum designed. This series of vibrators consist of 5 sizes, which are the VIB28, VIB32, VIB38, VIB45 and the VIB60.


Masterfinish is a brand of A.G. Pulie Pty Ltd, suppliers of high quality concrete finishing tools & equipment since 1951.

G Series 34" & 40" Helicopters.

34" and 40" combination or dual blade walk behind trowel machines.

H Series 34", 40" & 48" Helicopter

34", 40" and 48" combination or duel blade trowel machines.


Powered by Honda lightweight 4-Stroke, the HandyVibe makes vibrating concrete simple and convenient.

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