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Decorative concrete

Oxide technical data sheets


It's fine to be good at what you do, but if you stop progressing you will soon be left behind. Synergy is in the forefront of development in all of the aspects that our customers need to stay ahead of the pack in their respective industries

Synergy Pigments

Powder colour pigments for colouring pre-mixed concrete and mortars.


For over 35 years River Sands has supplied the construction and water filtration industries in Australia as well as overseas, and has earned a reputation for quality, service and technical expertise. The private company is part of the successful Neumann Group and is 100% Australian owned.

CCS Colour Oxide

High strength iron oxides, CCS powdered pigments are added directly to the concrete truck where the oxide colour is dispersed deep into the concrete.


Australian owned and operated, Ability Building Colours, has acquired a reputation for combining leading-edge material technology using their chemical admixtures for cement based materials and very long life wear resistant chemical solvent and odour free paints and coatings all developed with a philosophy that pays due respect for the aesthetic value of colour in the design of materials, products and structures.

Abilox Colour Oxide

High performance, UV Resistant, inorganic mineral oxide powder colouring pigments