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Specialist Sealers - Oxtek

Oxtek Australia are experts in cost saving solutions for curing, densifying, hardening and achieving a lifelong moisture barrier in concrete. All products are environmentally friendly; HACCP approved and come with a 15 year warranty. Their company has over 100 years experience in the concrete, flooring and paint industries.


Densi-Proof is a single pack one application spray on system that deeply penetrates new or existing concrete, provides curing, permanent waterproofing and protection.

Moisture Fix

A single pack one application, pour and spread, system that deeply penetrates new or existing concrete, provides permanent waterproofing, curing and protection.


Concrete densifier and waterproofer with an added ingredient to combat and inhibit moulds and other odour causing substances.

Surface Repeller

Penetrates and chemically bonds to the silica providing water repellence and oil resistance.

Lusture Shield

Breathable, tough, attractive, easy care, long lasting, low slip satin coating for polished or trowel finished concrete slabs.

Car Park Sealer

A proprietary silicate siliconate water based formulation applied to new and existing concrete giving excellent cure regime, reduced dusting, surface hardener and stain resistance from oils and is compatible with line marking.

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