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Anti-slip treatments technical data sheets

Safety Stride

Safety Stride specialises in the manufacture of architectural & industrial stair nosing and other specialised flooring systems. Their nosing products do not sacrifice on quality yet deliver substantial cost savings when compared to equivalent products.

Non-slip tapes  

A range of non-slip tapes, size and colours for access solutions








Duram Industries Pty Ltd, a 100% Australian owned company, has manufactured on site a comprehensive range of waterproofing for almost 30 years ensuring that you can select the correct product for a given waterproofing application.


ViroTuff is a hard-wearing , water-based anti-slip coating that is applied by roller, brush or spray.








The EPIREZ range of construction products offer the very best in epoxy and cement based technologies and our comprehensive range includes epoxy binders, flooring systems, cement based grouts and concrete repair products.

Safety Step 100  

Safety Step is a single component, epoxy ester non-slip floor and outside surface coating designed for application in areas of heavy pedestrian traffic.







CE Construction Solutions

CE Construction Solutions


Anti-slip is a chemcial safety treatment which provides increased slip resisitance when applied to tiled, granite, terrazzo & concrete floors.







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